This Wiki is bought to you be the students of Grade 3-4 at Bellaire Primary School in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. It is the adventures of a tennis ball called Terry. Our teacher, Mr Pearce, started the story on the 29th of April 2006 and we have been adding to it since.

To follow the adventures of Terry read the story in the black text and then choose from the blue links underneath each section of the story to see what happens next. If you get to the "end" of a section you can always choose to use the "Back" link to go back. If you want to go back to the start of the story then just use the BACK TO THE START link in the navigation on the side.

Most of the changes that have been made, have been made by the students in middle p and are often unedited so they may have alternate spelling, (wikispaces doesn't have a spell checker yet), or not be punctuated as closely as adults might do this. We hope that you will overlook any such errors and enjoy the adventures of Terry the tennis ball.

This wiki is no longer being updated but is kept online as an example of how wikis can be used in creative ways. Thank you for your interest.