At first Terry didn't know who it was until the other tennis ball said "Hi it's me Harry remember."
terry couldn't believe that he had just met his old friend, he hadn't seen him for years now.
"Hi," Terry said back to Harry,
"What brings you here," added Harry.
"Well it's a long story, you see first I was stuck in a bottle cramped up tight angainst my two brothers,
and then I've been having all these weird adventures. Like going to KFC and being run over by trains and cars." said Terry.
"Wow I'm surprised you're even alive if you got hit by a train and a car," said Harry suprised.
Just then a scream came from the other side of the room; it was an other tennis ball rolling as fast as the speed of sound. It was rolling towards terry and it was even getting closer and closer until.......

Terry got hit and rolled away

Terry dodged it and fell down the gutter