And past Yummy Mummy lolly shop and past Bellaire primary school. And into a bucket of water then a man picked him up and through Jack he ball down the road and hit a car and broke a car window. Then Terry slowly rolled down the path and flow into a park. The park that Terry went to was called the big kids park his baby called Meg she threw the ball down the slide and into the sand pit and then a man called Peter kicked the ball into a car engine and then the man started the engine up but it did not go the Terry went down the sand pit and then the yucky stuff in the sand pit want to the sea then there was a little boy there his name was Lee and he picked Terry up and threw him in the water then he went and got Terry again and that time he let go of Terry. Terry bunked and banded and rit into someone’s backyard and they had a pool in there backyard and a trampoline he hit the tramp and he bounced up in the air and he said "I AM FLYING!" then he just hit the ground BANG "ouch" he said, then he just stood were he was for two days then a dog came and the dog started to play soccer. When they were playing chaise the dog bit Terry and he made a hole in Terry all the air went out of the air went out and went to a park that had only Terry the tennis ball then Terry went on the swing and he flew in the air and hurt him self BANG on the head he smacked he smacked his head that’s got to hurt said another tennis ball called jack after that Terry just then started to play with him. They played......