Phut, the lid came off the container. Terry was free at last. For so long he had been crammed up tight next to his two brothers in a can on the shelf in the sports store. Now he could see the sky and feel the air on his fluffy skin and he felt happy to be out. Straight away though he felt himself falling, down, down, down.

Soon Terry was bouncing, bouncing, bouncing before he

This wiki was a trial wiki that was developed by the grade 3/4 students of Middle P at a school in Geelong Victoria during the latter part of 2006. It was a project designed to see if the students involved were interested in using a wiki as a shared storytelling space. As it turned out most of the students enjoyed the exercise with the vast majority of the writing contained within the wiki being done as a free choice at home, not in class time. The students have now moved on to secondary school but this wiki stands as testament to the time when they were telling the story of Terry. Enjoy.